Credit Worthiness

Our industry is often the target of fraudsters and scammers and as such we urge all potential suppliers and customers to carry out due diligence on ourselves giving you the peace of mind you deserve enabling you to deal with us in full confidence.

Once of the best ways to check the authenticity of a UK based company is by obtaining a credit report. This is a simple and cheap process and all you need is the company details of the company you wish to check such as company registration number; ours is 3734130. The companies listed below can provide a credit report on any UK registered company, there are many more such companies which a simple internet search will reveal. It is common and easy for a company to produce an impressive website which on face value can be perceived to belong to a trustworthy and large company but where in reality the company may have been set up a few days ago and is run from someone's bedroom. A credit check will reveal how long a company has been established, how much they can be trusted for "credit rating" plus much more.

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Our Duns and Bradstreet DUNS Mumber is: 23-739-8867.