Grading Services

Grading / Screening and Inspection

Grading and Screening services can be performed at our premises or at any facility nominated by our customers. Our dedicated team will discuss in detail with our customers their exact requirements enabling us to produce a criteria suited for a particular use or market.

The more in depth the grading and associated information we produce the greater the return to your business. We fully understand the delicate balance between detail, volume and time ensuring our solutions produce a positive result.

Detailed manifests and reports will be produced to the agreed criteria containing information such as grading details, operational details, warranty status, weight and dimensions etc. Full traceability ensures our customers are able to meet any legal or corporate directives that they are subjected to.

If your current provider is not proving enough detail or the right detail then you are losing money. ECD will evaluate and assess your current grading reports and advise on how we can improve your current grading criteria resulting in an increase in your revenues.

Please contact ECD for further information on any of these services. For advice & consultation regarding Grading, please contact us on +44(0)1902 722388 or email


ECD LTD is a leading provider of goods inspection and verification services throughout the United Kingdom and Europe with a wealth of knowledge in electronic equipment. With our vast technological experience and industry expertise we intend to lead the field in inspection services with the highest quality and service.

Tailored inspection services ensure that we can meet the requirements of all our clients. Inspection reports are created on-site and provided to the client within hours of the inspection taking place. All reports are emailed directly to the client with a hard copy to follow in the post if required.

Reports can be created to contain as much or as little information as needed. We provide guidance on the level of inspection and subsequent report based on certain factors such as product type, value, location, etc.

Please contact ECD for further information on any of these services. For advice & consultation regarding Inspection, please contact us on +44(0)1902 722388 or email

Reverse Logistics

In today's competitive market place we are seeing technical advances at an unprecedented rate. Regardless of how high the quality of the products you sell the chances are product issues will exist. It is imperative that your customers are handled in an efficient and streamlined manner, as the last thing you want is to add insult to injury and expose your customers to lengthy or difficult processes.

Allow ECD to handle all of your returns through our streamlined returns program. We handle each return efficiently and professionally in order to provide your customer with a positive experience. By including our reverse logistics program in overall process, you will be given piece of mind knowing that we will identify any negative trends and or issues.

As returns impact the bottom line of any business it is critical that any reverse logistics operation provides the maximum recovery and reuse of your customers returns as possible. The amount of reuse yield that can be achieved directly affects the cost implications to your business.

Any materials which cannot be reused are recycled in accordance with our environmental processes.

ECD is able to provide a complete reverse logistics solution or operate as and when needed to help facilitate and clear back logs. We understand time is critical in maximising the returns achieved. Speak to us today and see how ECD can help your business increase and maximise the revenue from your customers returns.

Please contact ECD for further information on any of these services. For advice & consultation regarding Reverse Logistics, please contact us on +44(0)1902 722388 or email