Mobile Device Prop Hire

We have in stock mobile phones dating back as far as the 1980's through to the present day when they were introduced to the UK. Please see below for photos of some of the most popular models such as the early suitcase type phones and the large Motorola Brick type handsets.

Panasonic Prop Hire Old Mobile Phones Panasonic NEC 4400 Prop Hire Old Mobile Phones NEC 4400 Prop Hire Old Mobile Phones

Authenticity of props for the era in which a production is set is vital. We have the stock and expertise to ensure we are able to supply mobile phones for whatever year your production is set in. With other 200,000 handsets in stock available for hire we are the UK's largest mobile phone prop hire company.

We also offer dummy phones for sale in the event the phones need to be destroyed as part of your production. These are identical in look, size and feel to the real thing but do not contain any electronics which could be harmful to the environment.

Please contact us using our online form and we will do our best to assist you.