Reconfiguration Services

Tailored solutions - We can reconfigure mobile handsets to any specific requirements. These requirements may be software or hardware (cosmetic or internal) based or may be a combination of both. By utilising our vast experience and worldwide contacts a tailored solution can be created to suit any budget.

Resetting - We can clear your devices of any user data and restore the device to factory default setting ready for use by new consumers. Our process completely clears the device of all sign of previous usage. Certificates are provided to ensure compliance with any data protection policies you may have in place.

Flashing -Specific language packs and other settings can be re-programmed to your requirements. Consistency and speed of operation ensure a smooth and efficient experience for all our customers.

Unlocking - We are able to unlock devices from regional/local constraints to enable the device to be operated anywhere in the world. All processes used are checked to ensure there are no adverse effects to your devices.

Please contact ECD for further information on any of these services. For advice & consultation regarding Reconfiguration, please contact us on +44(0)1902 722388 or email