Corporate Recycling

Corporate Recycling

Corporate Recycling

Rather than having old, broken or faulty mobile phones and office equipment ending up in drawers and cupboards, bins and then landfill, we collect and recycle your old handsets and devices.

Mobile phones and electronic office equipment are classed as hazardous waste. As a result of this, our recycling scheme is run in conjunction with our WEEE recycling programme, guaranteeing your complete peace of mind and full compliance with all current legislation

We specialise in the reuse and recycling of mobile telephones and all other office electronic waste such a laptops, computers, printers and fax machines. A fully inclusive service is provided from free collection and evaluation of equipment through to payment and where applicable to safe and legal recycling of any faulty or unusable equipment.

All the services we offer are fully compliant with all current environmental legislation and carried out in accordance with our environmental policy ensuring you complete piece of mind. Click Here to view our Environmental Policy.

Storage Boxes

We recommend our WEEE Recycling Box as the best way to get your WEEE waste to us.

Our collection boxes are despatched flat packaged directly to our customers. Upon receipt they can be easily constructed and are adequate for 25kg of WEEE waste. When full a simple call to our dedicated collection line is all that is needed where a collection can be arranged at a time convenient to our customers. Upon receipt we will recycle the entire contents in accordance with our environmental policy and all current legislation. A detailed manifest of the contents will be made available in an electronic format if required.

This new service is ideal for companies with small amounts of waste in many departments located over numerous sites or small companies who only have a small amount of waste electrical products.

Storage Bins

ECD offers a range of storage bins specific for your electrical and electronic waste. Depending on your WEEE recycling requirements small 90kg bins, large 450kg bins or any combination and quantity of both can be arranged.

A range of electrical waste can be placed into the bins including complete end of life equipment, electrical components and production scrap.


For large shipments or as a cost effective method of shipment ECD will arrange to collect palletised equipment for recycling. Standard euro pallets should be used and contents should be securely stacked up to a maximum of 1.5m in height and adequately shrink wrapped.

A call to our dedicated collection line will arrange for transportation back to our authorised processing facility. All transportation will be carried out by a licensed waste carrier with a duty of care waste transfer note being issued for each shipment and a full material breakdown being available in electronic format after recycling.

Tailored WEEE waste collection can be created to meet your requirements. We welcome customer suggestions and are willing to operate in accordance with our customers environmental policies.

Secure Data Destruction

Unlike other recycling companies whose small print often states they are not responsible for the removal of any data, we offer a complete secure data destruction service.

Complete security is assured from the point of collection and on through the recycling process. Our premises are fully covered by CCTV and all devices are kept in locked secured areas accessible only by authorised personnel until the devices have been cleansed of all their sensitive data.

Certificates for data destruction are provided as part and parcel of our service. We offer the option to clear all devices to military grade standards for reuseable equipment or permanent destruction if required making any attempts to recover sensitive data impossible.

We operate and are registered with the Data Protection Act 1998 giving you full reassurance that your devices are processed in a professional manner.

We can tailor data clearance solutions to suit your requirements which can be carried out at our premises or any of your own locations.

Please contact ECD for further information on any of these services. For advice & consultation regarding Secure Data Destruction, please contact us on +44(0)1902 722388 or email

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