Secure Data Destruction

Secure Data Destruction

Secure Data Destruction Services

Unlike other recycling companies whose small print often states they are no responsible for the removal of any data we offer a complete secure data destruction service.

Complete security is assured from the point of collection and on through the recycling process. Our premises are fully covered by CCTV and all devices are kept in locked secured areas accessible only by authorised personnel until they have been cleansed of all their sensitive data. Smoke cloaks cover the building and ensure that in the event of an incident our suppliers and customers products will be protected by a cloak of smoke giving the peace of mind and reassurance obligatory for high end products and devices containing sensitive and highly confidential data.

All eventualities for data leakage are considered and relevant precautions are implemented to protect our customers confidential and sensitive data. Certificates for data destruction are provided as part and parcel of our service. We offer the option to clear all devices to military grade standards for re-useable equipment or permanent destruction (if required) making any attempts to recover sensitive data impossible.

We operate and are registered with the Data Protection Act 1998 giving you full reassurance that your devices are processed in a professional manner. We can tailor data clearance solutions to suit your requirements which can be carried out at our premises or any of your own locations.

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