Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

ECD is a dedicated electronic waste solutions provider. We recognise our responsibility to minimise the impact on the environment and to help safeguard our world for future generations. Our core ethos and beliefs focus around reuse and recycle with the aim to send minimal waste to land fill sites.

It is our policy to

  • Constantly improve the effectiveness of our environmental management system.
  • Fully comply with European Environmental Legislation, including the WEEE Directive
  • Prevent pollution for ourselves and our partners.
  • Provide appropriate environmental training for our employees.
  • Ensure all our activities have as little environmental impact as possible. Ensuring we reuse and recycle materials wherever possible.
  • Take an active role in ensuring that we are up to date with our industry's latest developments.
  • Give priority to used over new for plant or equipment that we may be considering purchasing.
  • Operate a simple and effective environmental management system compliant with ISO14001.
  • Identify areas within our business that we can control and influence in order to continually improve our environmental performance to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Comply with all applicable legal requirements and any other directives that exist whilst ensuring at the same time that our customers legal obligations are met.
  • Ensure the safe and legal transportation of electronic waste throughout Europe via our network of licenced carriers.
  • Use only licenced partners to facilitate the disposal of any residual materials
  • Review our environmental policy on an annual basis.

Constantly striving to reduce our carbon footprint

To support and practise our environmental policy along with our core beliefs we have strived to ensure that as much as possible all plant and equipment within our premises has been procured from other companies discarded waste. Examples include desks, chairs, IT equipment, carpet tiles, warehouse racking, work benches, reception furniture and much more.

We do not believe in buying brand new cardboard packaging with our logos all over it when we can recycle incoming cardboard packaging. Minimum amounts of our own waste are sent to landfill as we aim to reuse as much of our own waste as possible, packaging from incoming packages and parcels are reused to protect outgoing parcels. Yes Company image is important but not at the cost of the environment especially for an environmentally aware recycling company.

Employees are actively encouraged to cycle to work and we provide a company scheme to help purchase bikes and associated accessories. Car share is also promoted by us and many of our employees participate in these environmentally friendly ways of getting to work.

Our entire premises are installed with intelligent energy efficient lighting which is only automatically operated as and when needed. We are in the process of installing solar panels to cater for our entire energy demands and all our WC facilities will be supplied by our own rain water harvesting systems.

ECD believes "actions are greater than words". There are many recycling companies, but unlike us very few operate their premises constantly in an environmentally friendly way as we do.