Stock Disposal Services

Stock Disposal Services

Stock Disposal Services

ECD currently provides remarketing / Asset management solutions to the following sectors.

We offer a comprehensive excess inventory remarketing solution for our customers that will generate additional revenue by maximising the return on all sales of excess inventory whilst removing the costs associated with the storage of excess inventory.

We are experts in all aspects of stock disposal and offer a professional and efficient service. Utilising our extensive experience, international knowledge together with a flexible purchasing policy we can efficiently remarket any quantity of product from 1 unit through to 1000 pallets.

Using various platforms to remarket products we are able to maximise the potential returns. Unlike some of our competitors who concentrate solely on reselling to other B2B customers, ECD is able to remarket direct to end users ensuring maximum return is achieved on all products. A number of selling avenues are utilised and we are confident that we can certainly meet your requirements.

Our unique tracking system enables you to trace your stock to the end consumer.

Working closely and strategically with our suppliers we ensure our remarketing activities do not affect existing markets and authorised channels. If required, in accommodating your needs sales restrictions can be applied in accordance with your requirements whether they be repackaging, de-branding, removal of logos or adding stickers.

We can carry out on-site inventory inspections and asset valuations anywhere in the world and we can arrange all the necessary documentation including logistics.

As soon as your instructions are received, our employees will evaluate the list of excess inventory and establish, where possible:

  • Current status of each product, eg, obsolete, faulty, end of line, current etc
  • Assess any remarketing restrictions the customer may impose
  • Historic pricing for each part
  • A snapshot of current availability and demand based on varying pricing scenarios

The above will be used to realise potential returns and how best to achieve maximum returns. These include which routes to market to use, which markets to aim at, pricing differentials within different markets, estimated disposal times or whether ECD purchase products or remarket on a commission basis.

Asset Recovery

ECD offers bespoke solutions that are flexible and created to add value to our customers repair and product return processes. Established procedures minimise turn-around times, add value and maximise the returns for our customers.

Returned product processing is an operating cost than can be effectively reduced and revenue maximised for returned products.

In conjunction with our other services namely remarketing, grading and screening return processing costs are dramatically reduced and the full value of the product can be achieved.

Excess Inventory Purchasing

One of our diversities is the ability to purchase your excess inventory. We mostly buy for our stock, so you can get an immediate quote for your excess stocks. We buy from large warehouse liquidations to small industrial line items. We buy everything from electronic components, integrated circuits to connectors, switches and capacitors. We also offer a consignment program, which can maximize the value for your excess. Please e-mail us with any questions regarding our consignment program or buying of excess inventory.

Reverse Logistics

In today's competitive market place we are seeing technical advances at an unprecedented rate, regardless of high the quality of the products you sell the chances are product issues will exist. It is imperative that your customers are handed in an efficient and streamlined manner, last thing you want is to add insult to injury and expose your customers to lengthy or arduous processes.

Allow ECD to handle all of your returns through our streamlined returns program. We handle each return efficiently and expediently in order to provide your customer with a positive experience. By including our reverse logistics program in overall process, you will be given piece of mind knowing that we will identify any negative trends and or issues.

Returns impact the bottom line of any business it is therefore critical that any reverse logistics operation provides the maximum recovery and reuse of your customers returns as possible. The amount of Re- Use yield that can be achieved directly affects the cost implications to your business.

ECD are able to provide a complete reverse logistics solution or operate as and when needed to help facilitate and clear back logs. We understand time is critical in maximising the returns achieved. Speak to us today and see how ECD can help your business increase and maximise the revenue from your customer's returns.

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