Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities

Statement Of Policy

We pledge to ensure our recruitment process addresses discrimination in taking relevant steps to ensure equality and fairness to those that currently work for our organisation or apply to work for our organisation. ECD is a non-discriminatory employer and offers equal opportunities to all.

Equal opportunity is embedded in our company culture and management take this responsibility with the utmost priority. Good equal opportunities practice is rooted in every aspect of the organisation's activities and core beliefs. Equal opportunities strategies are integral to all ECD's policies and procedures and we are continually working to main this status quo.

Management and directors with personnel responsibilities are required to be up-to-date on equal opportunity matters. We strongly believe the success we have achieved to date is due to our non-discriminative recruitment policy.


ECD is completely flexible and welcomes the operation of flexible hours and job sharing schemes ensuring equality of all regardless of gender.


All applicants will be assessed equally on their ability to perform the normal duties of any post we advertise. Physical alterations to the workplace or reallocation of duties among staff will be introduced to ensure all applicants are able to perform to specified job descriptions. Every avenue will be explored to enable any applicant with a disability to perform the duties the organisation requires them to do so. No application will be dismissed soley on any disability.


Applicants from all ages are encouraged for any vacant posts that we may have.


ECD actively encourages applications from ethnic minorities. Consideration within the workplace to cater for the needs of ethnic minorities is constantly implemented.


Lesbian, bi-sexual, gay and transgender individuals will be accorded the same benefits in terms of special leave as their heterosexual colleagues i.e. ante-natal care, maternity and paternity leave, leave in respect of illness, death, funeral attendance, and in respect of children's sickness.


ECD aims to provide a safe working environment free from harassment and intimidation and will ensure that directors, management and staff are made aware of what may constitute harassment. All personnel are encouraged to report all harassment no matter how trivial to the managing director directly in confidence.

ECD defines harassment as unwanted verbal or physical behaviour that adversely affects a person at work.